Iona Crawford, British Vogue’s One to Watch, Leads Creative Scotland in Establishing Glasgow as Hub in the Global Economy

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Iona Crawford, British Vogue’s One to Watch, Leads Creative Scotland in Establishing Glasgow as Hub in the Global Economy

Prince of Scots crafts exclusive home lines venture merging technology and fashion for the first time to create a harmonious lifestyle for the home.

Southampton, New York (PRWEB) February 12, 2012

Iona Crawford, Scotland’s newest and most exciting fashion designer has been selected to lead Scotland’s creative industries into the global economy. The 25-year-old, who recently signed a lucrative contract to market her lifestyle in North America, is one of the first entrepreneurs with Creative Cardonald. The new venture, sponsored by Creative Scotland and Digital Enterprise Glasgow, will facilitate the expansion of businesses and trade in the creative industries.

Creative Cardonald launched February 7 at Glasgow’s Cardonald College. The initiative will provides office space and industry-standard workshop facilities for young business minds in fashion design, textiles, television, graphic design and journalism.

The project will support successful small firm’s expansion which in turn will create new jobs and stimulate the local economy. The Vogue Premier Designer just signed a multi-year global contract which will see well over see $1 million dollars in the luxury home linens market over the next 18 months. “After four years working on my own to build up my business and profile at home and abroad, I’m delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting programme” said Iona Crawford.

“The facilities available here at Cardonald are best in class. The chance to tap into these resources will help me focus on my primary goal, which is to stimulate the growth and development of my company on an international scale” Iona added.

The Cardonald College hub is one of four sponsored by Digital Enterprise Glasgow. Additional projects are in Strathclyde University, City of Glasgow College and the University of Glasgow. Each location will offer intensive business guidance, access to marketing, finance, IT and HR support to the young entrepreneur.

Caroline Parkinson, Director of Creative Development, Creative Scotland said: “Investing in talent is central to our role at Creative Scotland. We are delighted to be supporting a talent incubator in partnership with Cardonald College and Glasgow City Council.”

Councillor Alistair Watson, Convenor for Glasgow City Council’s Regeneration and Economy Policy Development Committee, said: “This is a fantastic initiative. By supporting these new businesses we hope in the future they will provide new jobs and a boost to Glasgow’s economy.”

Last month Rio Home Fashions, a North American industry leader in basic bedding, memory foam products, memory foam mattresses, and home textiles, announced Iona Crawford, The Art of Living Collection in a licensing partnership with the 2011 Scottish Fashion Awards Nominee.

The venture, crafted by New York-based fashion house, Prince of Scots, will merge technology and fashion for the first time to create a harmonious lifestyle for the home. The Collection will be available in North America and Asia from autumn 2012.

The products, which until now have been purely basic, will receive an infusion of fashion from Iona Crawford’s vision of design and colour. The range has been inspired by Scotland’s natural beauty. The new line will transform basic product into lifestyle collections with more function for the home. What was in the past an additional purchase will now become a primary object of desire. The exclusive new line will be the first fashion venture of this scope into the home linens business.

“Our concept with be different and upscale from what is offered in the market place,” said Glen Sun, Owner of RIO, “ In a tough economy we will give customers the opportunity to buy smarter. Fashion, basic, comfort, and technology will all be in one product.”

“We are thrilled to endorse and support Iona on her entry to Home Fashions. Classic design and beauty are a once in a lifetime experience. We are inspired by Iona’s vision, sense of style, and commitment to the lifestyle.” said Tim Danser, President of Prince of Scots.

Prince of Scots, known as the Modern Luxury Lifestyle, saw Iona Crawford’s designs walk down the New York Fashion Runway in March 2011. The young designer’s first American show was a huge success. The Farquhar Dress was the crowd favorite. Prince of Scots launched the Ailsa Collection in Southampton, New York for the Fall 2011 season.


Renowned for innovative and intricate garment structure fused with trademark tailoring, the iona crawford collections are unashamedly elegant. silhouette exaggeration, experimental pattern cutting, contrasting fabric textures, unorthodox tailoring and masculine style influences all create a inimitable, avant-garde yet wearable look.

While iona crawford collections are directional and cement a unique design identity, they consist of earthy and tonal fabrics of scottish origin including cashmere, wool, tweed and leather, as well as hand-knitted pieces. the combination and contrast of these two elements result in distinctive and innovative collections that transcend fashions and epitomise timeless contemporary style.


Prince of Scots is an exceptional designer, manufacturer, and retailer of top quality consumer products. The company offers a vast global network of sourcing, manufacturing and distribution through strategic partnerships. The “Ultimate Goal” is be Best in Class in everything we do.




Iona Crawford LogoIona Crawford Logo

The Art of Living Home Collection


Prince of ScotsPrince of Scots

The Modern Luxury Lifestyle


Iona Crawford, The Art of LivingIona Crawford Farquar Dress

The Peacock Print will be translated into the new home linens product


Iona CrawfordIona Crawford

2011 Scottish Fashion Awards Nominee


Iona CrawfordIona Crawford

Scottish Fashion Designer


Prince of ScotsPrince of Scots

The Modern Luxury Lifestyle


Iona Crawford BiographyIona Crawford Biography

Light silks, adorned with Crawford’s own painterly prints, combine with the finest merino, alpaca, silk and cashmere blends to create a feminine, timeless collection comprising stunning short dresses, beautiful evening gowns, sensitive tailoring and state


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