Prince of Scots presents our Water Mill Estate Collection!

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Prince of Scots presents our “Water Mill Estate Collection” crafted for us exclusively by Vitale Barberis Canonico.  A 500 year old family tradition has evolved into one of the most prestigious and high end Italian brands in the world.   The Barbero Family begin weaving fabrics in the mid 1500’s and perfected the artistry of luxury with a personal commitment to excellence and cultural pride.

The Leather

This collection is crafted using the ancient artisanal principles and tradtions.  We begin the process with superior quality materials.  Tumbled leather is a result of a family tradition which involves tumbling the hides in large steel drums.  Only the full grain or pieno fiore of each hide is used in this bespoke luggage.  We then tan the leather with a process which accentuate softness and enhances the texture and characteristics. We create a one of the kind piece.

The Fabric                        

The lining in our luggage is Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric with has gone through 500 years of perfection.  We do a special treatment and waterproof the fabric to be waterproof, stain-resistant, and rip stop.

The Hardware   

The handles are sewn and finished by hand.  The metallic details are polished and finished with anti-oxidant which ensures even color over time.  We finish with in a galvanized bath of precious metals.

This Water Mill Collection is unique and one of a kind.  This is limited edition of luggage hand crafted for Prince of Scots. From the Rolling Garment to the Signature Wanderlust Traveler Bag with a Satchel to matching slippers, this collection is the finest in America.

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