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Unwinding by Eric Zener
66″ x 54″ oil on canvas 
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Breakthrough by Samantha French
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The ocean dazzles my gaze, its powerful waves require courage and skill. For complete relaxation though, the pool beckons.  “Savor these days now, you will kill for this in February,” I think as I sink below the surface, a sigh of bubbles escaping. Unwinding.
Henry and Company Design includes a photo of a divers at a pool at this year’s Hamptons Designer Showhouse.
Lucille Khornak portraits creates painterly photographs in the upstairs showhouse hall.
Transforming (study) by Eric Zener
image via artnet here
Lynn Sherr writes about why we swim. Wonderful history, sports trivia and her own personal journey as she trains for and swims the Hellespont
Endless Summer by Samantha French
oil on canvas 72″ x 84″ 2012
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The art of Eric Zener and Samantha French capture those perfect indescribable moments that make you just.. smile.
1960s Jantzen image via

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