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Fashion Icons At Their Best Millicent Rogers

09.16.2014, Living in the Hamptons, by .
Southamptn Socialite Millicent Rogers

Standard Oil Heiress, Southampton, Manhattan, Tuxedo Park Style Magnet and Fashion Icon At It’s Best

High Fashion Style for NYC and Southampton Galas

Designer Charles James Stunning Design Details

Millicent Rogers AT Home

Classic Southampton Style

Up Close and Personal Charles James Designer

The Designer of Elegant Fashion. Favorite Designer of Millicent Rogers

Women’s Fashion by Christopher Petkanas

“This  monthly column, Fabulous Dead People, T looks back at the movers and sharkers who once had the temerity and gall to break all the rules, so that today’s fashion faithful can break theirs.”

This great article cannot be missed.  Millicent Rogers was among the 10 best-dressed women of 1947.

As the new guard of Southampton seems to sadly to be changing by the old guard passing on and moving on, the new money with its’ taste for more grand and stereotypical style has not only torn down the gracious tasteful old homes of the  Hamptons’ previous movers and shakers but has lost the soul of style aesthetically throughout the area.  Here is one article that inspired me to salute this woman of style.

Read Christopher Petkanas’s article, but if you are out of time…

Millicent Rogers was a style magnet, born in 1902 and died at 51 she was the heiress to Standard Oil.  While this enabled her to support a grand fashion habit, she had the taste and style to do so with elegance.  She married, Clark Gable, Roald Dahl, Prince Serge Obolensky, Ian Fleming and enjoyed enormous luxuries that her inheritance could support.  But her fashion instincts were amazing.  Charles James couture blouses by the dozes, Mainbocher, Adrian, Schiaparelli and Valentina couture were staples in her wardrobe.  But most fascinating was her collaboration with James.   Rogers grew up in Manhattan, in Tuxedo Park, NY and in Southampton at Black Point.  Check out this gorgeous woman.



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