The Luckenbooth: The Official Scotch Whisky Cocktail of the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA

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The Luckenbooth recipes follow, and if one wonders whence the name of the winner came, need look not further then the historical connection to Edinburgh from the reign of King James II in the 15th century to the early years of the 19th century.  The luckenbooths were situated on the Royal Mile were the original permanent  base for traders to become one of the city’s major market places for Jewelry and trinkets.  The Luckenbooth Brooch is a traditional Scottish Love Token.  One legend of the luckenbooth brooch is that it was a symbol of love and devotion given by Mary Queen of Scots to Lord Darnley. Another story is that it was an engagement brooch given to her by the Dauphin of France whom she later married. It may feature Scottish motifs like the St. Andrew’s Cross, or the thistle.   The Luckenbooth is the iconic Trademark Symbol of Prince of Scots.

Prince of Scots Luckenbooth

Prince of Scots Luckenbooth

The Luckenbooth

(Per Cocktail)

2 Ounces Black Grouse

4 Ounces Reeds Ginger Beer (or Barrit’s)

½ Once Torani Vanilla Syrup (or Monin)

Lime wedge (2/drink)

Prep Cocktail:

1. Pour the whiskey and vanilla syrup into a Collins glass filled with ice.

2. Add Ginger Beer

3. Squeeze a lime wedge over the drink and drop it in.

4. Stir

5. Serve in Collins Glass


The Luckenbooth

The Luckenbooth

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