Umbrellas at the Beach

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Gurney’s Beach by Lois Bender
I’ve admired Lois Bender’s work since taking a painting class with her at Bridge Gardens. We’ve kept in touch via email and the blogosphere. I was delighted to see her latest email with an invitation to her class and a teaser:  A painting lesson depicting umbrellas at the beach. As you may have noticed, I have recently been attempting to capture the loveliness of beach umbrellas. Using watercolor during our spring visit to Bermuda and in oil paint at Circle Beach. Lois is not only a wonderful watercolorist, she is a fantastic teacher. She has  kindly allowed me to share her painting lesson here. Her lesson makes it all look so easy. Thank you for inspiring me again Lois!
A pencil sketch, you can also add permanent magic marker for the style of black lines that stay permanent after adding watercolor… now or at the end after color is down and finished!
 FIRST wet the sky area with water,
then” charge in” or “drip” color into the water
 Push and blend color with your brush into clouds as you like them…
Paint big areas… sand and shadows…
(we are waiting for the sky to dry to paint shapes next to them..!)
Paint the sea and surf…spontaneous dabs for the surf, leaving white paper for white spray and foam. Decorate umbrellas and chairs your way. Add people! Accents: Deepen shadows, add sand, shadows. The grass “Flick” strokes. Add sky accents or reshape clouds. Keep “accidents” you like! Retouch what you don’t! 
(All instructions in italics above by Lois Bender, all images by Louis Bender)
Lois will be teaching this Friday, July 31 at Bridge Gardens as well as Friday August 7, 14, 21, 28 and September 4th from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm 
36 Mitchell Lane
Class is $45
payable at the start of the class
RSVP via email
Lois Bender


Nature, Gardens, Art Journeys 

201 East 83 St., New York NY 10028
212 249 6225   /   917 282 5930  cell


Lois has a lovely blog. Visit to read about her recent trip to paint in Paris and Giverney as well as a lovely article about the healing power of art and art journaling and much more.
Thank you Lois!

Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

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Spice up your next party with Southampton Home’s Recipe for Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail.  Our recipe is meant to be an appetizer or actually a premium cocktail for the modern foodie.

We suggest serving the appetizer in our Mini-Mule Mugs. Artisans in Texas and Mexico handcraft our hammered and polished solid copper mini-mule shot glasses. The unique craft originates in ancient traditions and skills, which begin over 1000 years ago. Each piece is an artisans work of art and sure to elevate your entertaining experience. Each mug will hold 2 ounces and keep the serving ice-cold.  The Mini-Mules are sold in sets of 2 and make perfect party favors.  Mules are available at

Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail

Texas Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktail

Let’s get started with a recipe which will become a party favorite.


2 Pounds Raw Medium Shrimp

1 Lemon Sliced

1 Bottle Beer (Shiner Bock for the True Texans)

1 64 ounce Clamato (or V-8)

1 Tablespoon Tabasco

8 Green Onions

2 Avocado’s Diced to 1/2″ pieces

2 Large Cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and then diced to 1/2′ pieces

4 Tablespoons Chopped Cilantro

6 Limes Juiced (3/4 Cup of Juice)

1 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Pepper

1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt.


We start with 2 pounds of raw medium size shrimp.  Pre-cooked shrimp will not give you the robust flavor or having an anyone coming back for more.  In a 6 quart sauce pot, add 4 quarts of water, the sliced lemon, and the beer and bring to boil on high heat.  Add the shrimp when pot comes to boil and cook until the shrimp float to the surface.  The shrimp will be done.

Strain the shrimp into 6 quart container which can be refrigerated or used as the serving dish. Mix all other ingredients in with the shrimp, chill, and you are ready to serve.

Want to turn your shrimp cocktail into a real cocktail?  Just add tequila and Vodka for the perfect Shrimp Cocktail.  The Juice is amazing and makes a great starter to your party as an appetizer or specialty drink.  Your Guest will be talking about your event for many years to come when served in the mini-mules..which of course are great party favors.

Recipes from Southampton Home

Recipes from Southampton Home



Texas Gulf Coast Appetizer.  Appetizer or Cocktail?

Texas Gulf Coast Appetizer. Appetizer or Cocktail?

Prince of Scots Mini Mule Mugs make great party favors.

Prince of Scots Mini Mule Mugs make great party favors.

Prince of Scots Mini-Mules Sold in Sets of Two

Prince of Scots Mini-Mules Sold in Sets of Two

American Freshman: The Top Bags for Back to School

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Get Ready for Back to School with American Freshman.  Great Bags Inspired by Freshman life.  Backpacks, messenger bags, duffle bags or sports bags.  Each made is made to carry all of your personal essentials to class, to the gym, or just around campus.  Lots of room for storage and keep your stuff together.

Campus Cool American Freshman

Campus Cool American Freshman

WE ARE AMERICAN FRESHMAN Fraternities, Sororities, dorm life, study halls, track, cheer, roadtrips, pool parties, red cups, coursemates, roommates… campus life is an up-down-here-there-fast-fun-up-all-night adventure.

American Freshman

American Freshman

Enjoy introductory savings and free shipping on orders over $50.. No coupons, no gimmicks,  just point, click and buy.










Circling Back to Circle Beach

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Circle Beach has so many stunning views.
We returned to paint another aspect.
The clouds kept changing.
I could have spent the afternoon portraying the sky.
Painting en plein air with the sounds of children enjoying an afternoon by the sea. What could be better?
Circle Beach, July 17th by Gail Gallagher
11″ x 14″ oil on canvas
Hugh chose a higher vantage point looking west.
Circle Beach by Hugh Gallagher
11″ x 14″ oil on canvas
I think we will be painting here again.

Ditch Plein Air

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 Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk
 It’s a yellow flag day.
“Caution” perfect surf.
 Everyone likes to hang out by the life guard stand closest to the East Deck surf break for best surfer viewing.
We paint towards the painterly bluffs.
Ditch Plains by Hugh Gallagher
11″ x 14″ oil on canvas
My Soltek easel. 
Ditch Plains by Gail Gallagher
9″ x 12″ oil on canvas
The Beacheesy truck strikes an artistic pose.

Farm Stand Love: Bhumi Farms

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Hugh and I were on our way to Montauk for some plein air painting. As we tooled along Montauk Highway, I spied a beautiful farm stand. While thinking, “Ooo, I’ll have to come back here,” Hugh suddenly made a “U-ey”. What?! Hugh’s reason, “They have a red tractor.”
Visit Bhumi Farm’s website for all of the right reasons why you will want to shop here. Its beauty alone will inspire illegal traffic maneuvers. There will be a red tractor in a future landscape painting.
Bhumi Farms website here

Free Moscow Mule! Introducing the New Moscow Mule Carry-On Kit

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Celebrate a Summer of Fashion and Style with Prince of Scots and Southampton Home.  Good Taste never goes out of style and neither does summer fun.  We are happy to Announce the Latest in Carry-On Cocktail Kits from W&P Design.   First we brought you the Old-Fashioned Kit, then the Gin & Tonic Kit.  We now have the latest with the Moscow Mules Kit.

The Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to turn in-flight vodka (or whiskey), club soda and lime into 2 quality Moscow Mule Cocktails. The kit includes a copper colored tin, a bottle of craft small batch ginger syrup, a .5-oz. jigger, stainless steel bar spoon, a 4″ x 4″ linen napkin and cocktail recipe card. Each Kit is beautifully gift boxed for the perfect travel companion or to make a great gift.

Moscow Mule Carry-On Kit

Moscow Mule Carry-On Kit

For a Limited Time we are offering a FREE MOSCOW MULE from the Prince of Scots Copper Collection as a FREE Gift when you purchase 2 Moscow Mule Carry-On Kits.  A FREE MOSCOW MULE for every two Moscow Mule Carry-On Kits you buy at Prince of Scots.  PLUS FREE SHIPPING!  Your FREE MOSCOW MULE Mug will have you flying first class as you drink your cocktails is modern luxury style served at the correct temperature…..ICE COLD!


Free Moscow Mule with Purchase

Free Moscow Mule with Purchase

Check out Prince of Scots own GLASGOW MULE Recipe if you want to mix up the mule with a little whiskey instead of vodka.  We love the Glasgow Mule and so will you.

***** The Free Moscow Mule Mug is only available on  Please see terms and conditions of purchases on the the website.  Customer must purchase the qualifying item and number of units to be eligible to receive the free gift. We have the right to cancel the promotion at anytime without notice. ******





Salute to British Style: Peter Werth ~ Contemporary British Menswear Designer

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Peter Werth; London

Peter Werth; London

Celebrate a summer of Fashion and Style with Prince of Scots during our Salute to British Style. Peter Werth has been part of the British Menswear Business for 40 years and is synonymous with great British Design.   Born in Islington, North London in 1975 Peter Werth has become known for high quality contemporary clothing, footwear and accessories.

From its foundations in knitwear during the early days and inspired by the sharper, more formal working class style tribes from the 1970s, the Peter Werth collection has evolved through outerwear, shirting, blazers and fine jerseywear into shoes, accessories and tailoring, all the time maintaining its signature of effortless style.
During the mid ‘70s Peter Werth was appropriated by the Perry Boys – a style tribe named after their affection for the Fred Perry shirts they wore in the Summer. During the Winter the knitwear of choice for these same lads was our long-sleeved knitted polo shirts.

The original burgundy striped knitted polo shirt has become an iconic early expression of the terrace ‘casual’ look, particularly when they were worn with Adidas Stan Smith trainers and burgundy Lois jeans or cords. Never outlandish or loud, the look was always delivered with a sense of authority and understated style.

Prince of Scots is introducing the a new collection of bags from Peter Werth in his classic modern British Style. The two collections are British Prep which is translated for work, campus, or travel making it the perfect choice for your personal signature of style.

The Orton Zipper Weekender, Available in Tan or Black

The Orton Zipped Weekender

The Smith Messenger Bag, Available in Blue or Black

The Smith Messenger Bag

The Jones Business Bag

The Jones Business Bag

The Lordan Weekender

The Lordan Weekender

Shop the Peter Werth Bag Collection at Prince of Scots and get Free Shipping

Plein Air Circle Beach

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We are always looking for plein air painting sites. A Circle Beach sign in the window of the  Whalebone General Store inspires this weekend’s destination. It features beautiful views of a boats and beach.
Circle Beach by Hugh Gallagher
oil on canvas 11″ x 14″
Circle Beach by Gail Gallagher
oil on canvas 9″ x 12″
Circle Beach

Me and Kate

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I have to thank Avenue on the Beach Magazine for this weekend’s biggest surprise. Hugh and I were enjoying a typical Saturday night at home. Music on, cocktails poured, dinner preparation under way, when Hugh gave a yell from the living room couch, “Gail! Check this out!” It was the kind of shout to drop everything for. He held out an open magazine and said, “Look familiar?”

photograph of Kate Betts by Noa Griffel
Unbeknownst to me someone, I am assuming the magazine, decided that my painting would look nice with the excerpt from Kate Bett’s new book, My Paris Dreams. Thank you, I am honored. 
Read the magazine article online here
Kate Betts website here
Get Kate’s Book here
P.S. The painting is still available.
Photos from the day it was painted here